The brand

The Sugarbird™ brand was founded in 2007 in the heart of Europe, at Budapest by an ambitious young woman Hedvig Jagasics v. Csonka. Armed with experience and great ideas she started the company from the ground. She collected some of the best professionals in order to establish an internationally marketable fast fashion brand with unique women’s collections. The secret of success lies behind the company’s excellent professional staff, incomparable marketing strategy, and a fashion sensitive, fast reacting, high quality production line. The goal of Sugarbird™ is to create ever renewing, exclusive, and high quality fashion-oriented collections in limited quantities for a wide audience at affordable prices.


The pieces of the limited collections are designed by a creative team of talented young designers, street artists, and professional graphic designers, and manufactured strictly locally from high quality, self-designed, European fabrics, combined with the latest garment technologies. The ever renewing collections include party dresses, evening and street wear, mixed with some casual pieces, targeting selective women, who want to stand out from the crowd. Time to time there are special collaborations and seasonal additions to the merchandise selection. For example like capsule collection featuring the world-famous Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture, capsule collections endorsed by celebrities or the Cartoon collections, featuring the one and only Disney, Cartoon Network or the original Warner Brothers characters in a brand new fashion oriented way.

collection size

Sugarbird™ is constantly looking for new ideas and solutions in order to be the firstin fashion and to preserve the uniqueness of the brand.