A collection inspired by Hungary, featuring the most famous Hungarian top model.

The Heritage Collection is showcasing emblematic Hungarian essentials, such as authentic folk art, old school cartoons or even typical fruits.

The line was developed under a special collaboration with the one and only Enikő Mihalik, who is also the global ambassador of the collection. The goal was to appeal to the global market, but in the same time to show our heritage, and include some Hungaricum in each garment.

Enikő created the image pieces of the collection in cooperation with the designer team.

The Heritage Collection is featuring six different topics. Each theme has 8-15 styles, which can be combined with each other or could be worn as an individual piece.

• Balaton - „The Hungarian Sea", the most popular holiday destination of our country.
• Folk art - Traditional folklore motifs, such as Matyó embroidery, part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, in a modern rethinking.
• Countryside – Typical agricultural plants, flowers and fruit prints used as graphical elements for decorating the garments.
• „Pöttyös Túró Rudi" – Inspired by an iconic curd snack bar with the distinctive red polka-dots design.
• Retro Cartoons – Old fashioned animation characters revived on the most fashionable pieces.
• Zsolnay Porcelain – The successful continuation of our cooperation with the world famous Zsolnay Porcelain Manufacture with even more beautiful floral patterns.

Campaign photos by Dusan Petrovic.